Podcast Drinks!

Loyal listeners will know that Caroline and Adrienne love a good tipple. So now you have the official Scandal Sheets podcast drinking list, complete with references to the episodes.

Episodes 11 and 12: Murder at Taliesin: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Scandalous Life

The Inglenook

What You Will Need:


Ginger Syrup

Angostura Bitters

Sugar Cube

Orange Peel for Garnish

This one is familiar. In a cocktail shaker, muddle the sugar cube and bitters. Add bourbon and ginger syrup. Stir. Serve over ice and garnish with an orange peel.

Episodes 13 and 14: Glensheen and Minnesota’s Most Infamous Murder

The Zenith City

What You Will Need:

Grain Belt Beer

Yep, that’s all.

Episode 15: Mysterious Murder at Greystone: The Doheny Family

Murder in the Mansion

What You Will Need:

1 oz. Gin

1 oz. Campari

1 oz. Sweet Vermouth

Orange Garnish

Fill a glass with ice, stir ingredients until cold, garnish with orange.

Episodes 16 and 17: The Scandalous Life and Death of Stanford White

The Red Velvet Swing

What You Will Need:

Champagne or Prosecco


Fill a champagne glass or coupe 2/3 full with Champagne or Prosecco and then add 1/2 ounce of Grenadine to the glass.

Episodes 18 and 19: Scandalmonger William Randolph Hearst and his Amazing Castle

Behind the Barn

What You Will Need:

2 oz. Moonshine (Ole Smoky Distillery makes a good one, available at Total Wine & More)

1 1/2 oz. Cranberry Juice

1 1/2 oz. Orange Juice

3/4 oz. Peach Schnapps

Fill a tall glass with ice, add ingredients, stir and enjoy!

Episode 21: Henry Flagler, Scandalous Oil Magnate to Florida Developer


What You Will Need:

2 oz Jim Beam Devil’s Cut Bourbon

1 oz Grand Marnier

Cheerwine (a soft drink made in the south; should be available at your local grocery or Cost Plus World Market)

90% dark chocolate

Fill a glass with ice, mix bourbon and Grand Marnier, top with Cheerwine and shaved dark chocolate curls