Scandal Sheets is an exploration of scandals and the scandalous people of history. Every week we venture into the past to discover a new historical person who lived life on the salacious side.

The podcast airs on Fridays and is available on Apple Podcasts, Player.fm, and Stitcher. Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages for more information on the each week’s subject along with exclusive content such as portraits and photographs, and links to research sources.


Me 2


Caroline and Tim are the hosts of Scandal Sheets. They just happen to be married and enjoy wearing sunglasses.

Caroline is an architectural historian by trade, but deep in her heart, she’s a history nerd. Her fascination with history began at a young age, where she was immediately drawn to the lives of historical women. She studied at the College of Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina where she majored in historic preservation, and minored in history. She secretly wishes she was British and rescues cats in her spare time.

Tim would say that he’s just along for the ride, but he’s really the show’s comic relief. He has a mild interest in history but was horrified to learn that he has to take British Social History as a part of his efforts to earn his Bachelors degree. When he’s not working or studying, he plays semi-professional pool and enjoys riding his Triumph motorcycle…so maybe he wants to be British too (most definitely not, he says).

They live in balmy Charleston, South Carolina and when not taken up with the podcast, or other pursuits, they like to drink whiskey and travel abroad. Preferably at the same time.